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All new students in the Regular Course are required to attend three days of orientation before beginning their first trimester. Morning sessions are dedicated to academics, including a placement interview and written test; tips on living in Costa Rica, including transportation, housing, medical and safety information; cultural issues, including a description of the evangelical church in Latin America and the spiritual and relational challenges of living cross-culturally, especially in the area of moral purity.

During Orientation, students are given a tour of campus and photographs are taken for ID cards. Child care is provided each morning for children under 4 years old. Preschoolers, elementary and secondary children receive their own orientation before classes start in Sojourn Academy. Parents whose children are enrolled in Day Care or Sojourn Academy are invited to attend an orientation session for them and their children the day before adult orientation begins.

Students in the Intensive Course are asked to attend a brief orientation on the first day of classes. They will be given a written test and an oral interview to assist the Academic Director in group placement. They will also receive basic information on the Institute and on living in Costa Rica.

Here is a typical schedule for Regular Course orientation.

Orientation Schedule