Our History

“Formation focused on the development of the whole person”

Sojourn Academy began as a school designed to help the children of missionaries who were studying at the Spanish Language Institute transition from their home countries and schools to a completely new educational setting. An early statement of the school’s aim was “to help children advance academically in a spiritually nourishing environment under the guidance of a competent international staff”. This included guiding them through the emotional process of leaving familiar people and places behind and embracing a new culture and language. The name “Sojourn Academy” was chosen in recognition of the fact that most students would only be attending the academy for a year or less, while their parents were studying at the Spanish Language Institute.

But some children, whose families remained in Costa Rica for missionary service, continued on as students at Sojourn and eventually graduated from high school. At this point it became evident that Sojourn Academy was not only ministering to children in transition, but was also forming leaders for Christ’s kingdom. Graduates of the Academy have gone on to prestigious public and private universities with not only the academic preparation required for enrollment, but also the Christian convictions and calling needed to continue in their parents’ footsteps of service to the Lord.

In 2006, under the leadership of Principal Kevin Reilly, Sojourn Academy began to accept children from the surrounding community into its program. This advancement has expanded Sojourn’s ministry to include the preparation of national, bilingual Christian professionals. At the same time, it has contributed to the acculturation of missionary children by permitting them to interact with Costa Rican and other Latin Children on campus. Through the efforts of Principal Dorcas Enríquez and others, Sojourn Academy was recognized by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education in October of 2012. This achievement has proven to be a blessing not only to Costa Rican families whose children hope to attend national universities, but also to missionary families upon moving to other Latin American countries where government accreditation of the previously attended school is required for admission to the new school.

Soon after Sojourn’s birth in 1993, it was dubbed “the miracle school” for the amazing way in which God put together the staff and facilities needed to begin operating within the short span of six weeks. Today Sojourn Academy continues to rely upon God for his provision of the human, physical and financial resources needed to assist children in transition, form Christian leaders and witness for Christ to the surrounding community.