Proud of our first graduation!

We are very proud of the students of our first graduation, 2017!

In 2017 we graduated our first generation of students !
They received the Costa Rican Ministry of Education title!

Mrs. Courtenay Folk, School Principal
GRADUACION 12avo 2017 f3

Strengthening Relationships

We aim to strengthen relationships between School alumnae, students, and soon-to-be alumnae while maximizing potential in both personal and professional lives.

Some students continued with the 12th grade!

We are very happy for them!

And, of course, we are also very pleased with the students who decided to leave school to begin their journey at a university in Costa Rica or the World!

Discover our School

Sojourn Academy is a bilingual, international Christian school associated with the Spanish Language Institute. It uses a Christ-centered, North American curriculum from kindergarten through twelfth grade, along with a Costa Rican preschool program for children aged 3 ½ to 5. Sojourn also provides for community students a complete program approved by the Costa Rican ministry of education.