Academic Program

For over 70 years, our teachers have specialized in helping Institute students become effective cross-cultural communicators in the Spanish language. Emphasis is placed on oral and listening skills, along with sociolinguistic awareness, to help learners become as native-like as possible. 

Spiritual Emphasis

Since our founding in 1942, we have understood that learning Spanish is more than just an academic experience. Through our regular chapel services, Spiritual Emphasis Week, local churches and community ministry opportunities, we are excited to be a part of each person’s spiritual journey and seek to create an environment where God is glorified in every aspect of life.

School for Children

The Institute does everything in its power to help entire families make the transition from their home country to their mission field by providing loving child care and Christ-centered education for children of all ages, in a setting that enables them to make friends with young people from Costa Rica and other countries. Rayitos de SolSojourn Academy


Welcome to the Spanish Language Institute!

If you are hoping to use the Spanish language in cross cultural ministry, The Spanish Language Institute is the ideal place to pursue your interests. Since 1942 the Institute has prepared over 15.000 Christian missionaries, pastors and college students for service in the Spanish speaking world.

Our teachers are committed to helping you understand and speak the "language of heaven". Our administrative staff is eager to assist you in transitioning into a new cultural setting. And our service providers are ready to show you around the beautiful country of Costa Rica, known for its complex ecosystems, conservation efforts, political neutrality and friendly people.

If you are coming with children, we have more good news! the Spanish Language Institute administers a grade school (pre-school, elementary and secondary) called Sojourn Academy, right on its campus. "Rayitos de Sol" day care center is also at your service for infants and toddlers.

The Institute´s academic program is flexible enough to adjust to a wide range of proficiency levels, from beginning to advanced, as well as a variety of learning styles and preferences. In addition to the traditional classroom, we offer the FARO community language learning program, as well as individual tutoring.

The Institute is located in a suburb of the capital city of San José, right in the center of the country, less than 2 hours away from the Atlantic or Pacific coast. Everything from concert halls and shopping malls to typical restaurants and flea markets are only minutes away from our campus, which contains 13 buildings extending over an entire city block. 

If you find that you have questions that are not answered on our web-site or if you would just like to make personal contact with us, please do not hesitate to call or write. We will be most happy to hear from you.

USA phone: 1.800.642.1375
Costa Rica phone: 506.2227.7366
Fax 506.2227-0211

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Blue Flag

Why Blue?

Blue FlagUntil recently, I thought everything that had to do with saving the planet was green. Then I learned about the Bandera Azul (“blue flag”) program sponsored by Costa Rica’s Ministry of Education (MEP). Sojourn Academy has been participating in this program since 2011.

As part of the Bandera Azul program, students have put up signs near faucets and under light switches to remind people to conserve water and electricity. Each classroom has a special basket for discarded papers. Once a week, members of the sixth grade class pick up the papers and prepare them for recycling. Under the leadership of teacher Mau Escobedo , the sixth graders also hold a recycling campaign twice a year, as well as periodically sorting and packaging plastic, glass and cardboard that has been donated by students, staff and others.

On November 6, MEP officials came to inspect the school and review documentation prepared by principal Dorcas Enríquez on different environmental projects that have been undertaken in recent years. The end result? Sojourn Academy got an A+!

At an official ceremony in February, Sojourn students will be awarded a blue banner to hoist up the flagpole. Ms. Dorcas and Ms. Mau don’t yet know how many stars it will have (from one to five), but whatever the number, I am sure they will display the blue flag with pride!   -J.C.


Meet the Institute's Academic Director, Graciela Arguedas

altGraciela Arguedas is the Institute's Academic Director.  Graciela has a university degree in English linguistics, together with a Master's degree in the teaching of English as a Second Language.  She has been a language teacher (of both English and Spanish) for 23 years, including 13 years at The Spanish Language Institute. 

Graciela has been a Christian for 24 years and has served in counseling and pastoral ministries with her husband, as well as being a Sunday school teacher and leader of women's groups.

Contact Us

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Since 1942, the Spanish Language Institute has served hundreds of evangelical missions agencies. Some of our most recent graduates have come from the following mission agencies and Christian universities: